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Kimi J Speer | Broker-Owner

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Kimi Speer - Broker | Owner of Indiana Legacy Co.




To all my family, friends, past clients, and anyone else in need: Times are tough for a lot of people right now! When prices have gone up on everything from gasoline to food, housing .... well, sometimes you have to make tough choices - like do you feed your kid or pay the mortgage?! I've received multiple calls this week from people who've missed mortgage payments, are thinking about "giving the house back to the bank", and even some facing foreclosure in the very near future. PLEASE call/text me if you find yourself struggling! I can help. I worked through the 2008 Housing crash...short sales, foreclosures, missed payments? None of this is new to me. There are lots of options - and if moving ends up the only option, sometimes I can help find you somewhere to go or even get the mortgage company to give you "Cash for Keys" which will help towards your moving costs. However, the SOONER you reach out, the better. If you wait until the Sheriff shows up at your door, it's not impossible but it does make helping a lot harder. If you’re having trouble, don’t wait to find out what your options are - because the sooner you start the MORE options you have! Here for all of you, but I can't help unless I know you're struggling...


 As a real estate broker with 21+ years’ experience in the local real estate market,

Kimi recognizes the need for teamwork & thinking “outside-the-box” to succeed in shifting markets.

With deep family roots in the Lafayette community, Kimi’s main focus is building life-long relationships with all her clients. 


When not helping others, Kimi enjoys spending time with family and her 7 grandbabies.

She also enjoys landscaping, finding new home design ideas, reading/writing, exploring the great outdoors, and cuddling with her furbabies.  



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"Kimi is one of the best! She helped our son find his first home. She was very quick to respond to us and got us set up with showings within minutes when they hit the market. You will not be disappointed using her as your realtor!"

  -Stacy Wuethrich , Client

"Kimi does an amazing job at making buying a house way less stressful. She knows what she’s talking about and she wants to find the best house for you!"

  -Tanner Wuethrich, Client

Indiana Legacy Co.

Serving the Greater Lafayette Area for over 20 years.



Think about all of the people involved in making your favorite luxury retreat the experience it is: Check-in clerks, bellmen, maids, designers, architects, builders, investors and so forth. Every person, whether you see them or not, plays a specific role in creating a wholistic and enjoyable experience for you.

The real estate industry is largely made up of individual agents who manage every part of a real estate transaction themselves. That’s like asking the check-in clerk to cook and deliver your breakfast, make your bed, design the lobby, and build the pool!

To replace this outdated approach for our clients, we have adopted a team model in which each member of our team has a specific role and brings a unique skill set and expertise to their position.

So take a breath, relax, and know that our team is here to give you a world-class VIP experience!

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